Build For Bharat

Build For Bharat features bite-sized discussions with the Makers who are building India’s inclusive, digital future. The podcast is a part of the Bharat Inclusion Initiative from CIIE.CO, where we support entrepreneurs who are Building for Bharat with inclusive products.

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Saturday Nov 19, 2022

About the Episode: Marico Innovation Foundation is scaling Innovation in India by providing customized guidance for enabling  organizations to achieve growth through scale-up programs and sectoral innovation programs. Join Priya Kapadia, Head of Marico Innovation Foundation in conversation with the host Sanjay Jain to know what innovation means to the foundation, the qualities contributing to a great mentor relationship, the innovation criteria considered while selecting a startup, and how the program helps in developing a scale-up plan by identifying key challenges. About the Guest: Priya Kapadia, Heads Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF), an initiative by Marico Ltd. with a mission to nurture innovation in India. Over the past 10 years, Priya has conceptualized multiple programs that support innovations in their journey towards creating real, measurable impact. Her repertoire includes sector and challenge specific programs in the form of #Innovate2Cultivate, to support innovation in agriculture and more recently the #Innovate2BeatCovid, in response to the ongoing pandemic.  She plays a crucial role in transforming the foundation’s flagship programs, Innovation for India Awards, a benchmark awards platform and the flagship program - Scale-Up Program, which has helped 60+ innovators to scale, recognised 5+ potential unicorns with 100+ mentors in 15+ sectors. Priya harnesses her expertise and experience to bring together experts and thought leaders across fields to come together for the unified purpose of creating an innovation ecosystem that can empower innovators and help them to make a difference. Priya has close to 20 years of experience in Business Planning, Brand Management, Promotions and Marketing Operations. She also has extensive experience in Advertising, Media Marketing and Financial Services. She enjoys independently conceptualizing and implementing programs encompassing mass media, activation and digital outreach. Before Marico Innovation Foundation, Priya has worked with organisations like Bennette Coleman and Co. Ltd., Citicorp Finance India Ltd, Citibank N.A and Rediffusion DY&R. Priya has a strong work ethic and is continuously striving for improvement coupled with excellent administrative aptitude. She is proficient in analyzing market trends for formulating and implementing marketing strategies. She has launched award-winning marketing programs.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn    

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

About the Episode: ONDC is a capability that helps create eCommerce solutions where buyers can search in terms of product, brand, or context, and find the solution they need. It is designed to streamline the future of digital commerce and provide opportunities to all sellers, no matter big or small.Join Shireesh Joshi on this episode with host Sanjay Jain as he explains how ONDC is a building block that will facilitate buyers to choose from many applications to purchase a product from the universe of sellers. About the Guest: Shireesh Joshi is Chief Business Officer for Open Network For Digital Commerce (ONDC). He is responsible for expanding the network in terms of participants and domains.Previously he held roles with Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Airtel and Godrej, where he managed multiple brands, geographies and market positions simultaneously and worked on businesses across India, China and South Asia, working with various cultures and languages and has over 30 years of experience delivering successful results with organisations and teams of varying capability and scale.An industry and function leader, he often speaks at industry conferences, serves on various marketing award juries. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn  

Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

About the Episode: FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly while the vehicle is in motion. Today, FASTag is accepted at 964+ toll plazas on National & State Highways across the country, including both national and state highways, through 14 acquiring banks.Join Denny Thomas, the product head of FASTag with host Sanjay Jain as he talks about how FASTag was developed, why RFID technology was taken into consideration, and the key Indian conditions that led to one of the most successful digital payment implementations.   About the Guest: Denny V Thomas is Head - NETC & AePS at National Payments Corporation of India. He has over 15 years of diverse experience in field of Product Management, Sales & Distribution of Transit Cards, Credit Cards, Loan Against Securities & Mobiles. Experienced manager with skills in leading direct as well as cross-functional teams. Proven ability to launch new markets & products, manage key account relationships, resolving channel conflicts, training and assisting sales team & channel partners.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn    

Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

About the Episode: Agristack is like an aadhaar for farmers as it is a collection of technologies and digital databases proposed by the Central Government focusing on Indian farmers and the agricultural sector. Join Mr. Rajeev Chawla with host Sanjay Jain as he explains how Agristack will enable the farmer’s crop and lands to be discovered, and how the farmer's data is the backbone to provide recommendations on their crop production. About the Guest: Rajeev Chawla is Strategic Advisor and Chief Knowledge Officer to Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur who has won the First Prime Minister Award for excellence in Civil Service for Bhoomi project and the United Nations Public Service Award. Key projects he has worked on include Kutumba - the most comprehensive dynamic self updating registry of 1.75 crore families and about 5.5 crore citizens of Karnataka. The registry is being used for suo moto delivery of services and benefits to citizens. Govt of India is planning to create similar registries for all states. He has also worked on E-Sahamati, the consent framework based on DEPA framework of NITI Ayog. This is a digital public good which is open to use by all States. Other interventions by him have beenGIS/GPS mobile based crop survey, online crop insurance and Bhoomi , a project - under which 200 lakh records of 70 lakh farmers is now fully connected system with registration department, survey department, Banks and Land Acquisition bodies and is lifeline of Karnataka economy.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn  

Saturday Oct 01, 2022

About the Episode: Trade India is a platform with over 77 lakh digitally aggregated MSMEs, who use this platform to sell and buy. Join their CEO Sandip Chhettri with host, Sanjay Jain as he talks about enablement infrastructure and helping MSMEs navigate challenges in this aspect. About the Guest: Mr. Sandip Chhettri is one of India’s prime leaders in the MSME space, with nearly two decades of sectoral expertise. He is currently managing the overall operations & direct agendas to drive profitability for India's leading B2B marketplace, TradeIndia. Under his leadership, TradeIndia team has digitally transformed 77,00,000+ SMEs with a vision to enable 63 million SMBs with technology-driven solutions in the near future.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn      

Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

About the Episode: 'Financial Inclusion for Bharat: Insights into People, Markets and Start-ups' is a compendium of insights from the lives of people of Bharat, extensive research studies on pressing questions about inclusion and cases that improve founders' decision-making. Featuring a variety of research forms including human stories from across the geography of India, insights and use cases based on extensive data, rigorous methods and case snapshots with focus on dilemma facing founders building financial inclusion startups, this is an incomparable source of insights and nuggets on the area of financial inclusion and what that means for Bharat.Join Supriya Sharma, Partner-Insights in a conversation with Sanjay Jain as she discusses this. Download the book from:   About the Guest: Supriya Sharma is a Partner - Insights and leads the research vertical at CIIE.CO. She has built a function that delivers a toolbox for startups including  research on emerging sectors, DIY tools and decision making frameworks. Insights at CIIE.CO also provides research backed inputs to incubators, investors, academia and other stakeholders in the Indian startup ecosystem. A research-practice translator, Supriya continues to publish her research in leading journals and teach courses on entrepreneurship at IIMs. Supriya is a Fellow of IIM Ahmedabad. Prior to her doctoral work, she had worked in the insurance industry in team leading and strategic roles and dabbled with academia. Supriya enjoys hindi-urdu poetry and cooking. She is also building a resource for caregivers in India.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn  

Saturday Sep 24, 2022

About the Episode: A special episode on Build for Bharat podcast featuring Akshay Saxena, founder of Avanti fellows. Avanti runs India's largest interventions integrating technology to improve maths and Science achievements in secondary school.The episode was recorded live on 8th Aug 2022 by Daily Hunts in collaboration with MASH foundation as part of celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, 75 years of Independence. Join Akshay as he chat with Sanjay on his journey forming Avanti fellows enabling young and talented students from low income background to get equitable access to high quality education. About the Guest: Akshay Saxena is a Teacher-Entrepreneur with a passion for helping build organizations that create an equitable world. Through Avanti we are helping teachers in 11 states across India transform Math and Science learning outcomes for India's 100M middle and high-school students through the use of collaborative learning and technology.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn

Saturday Sep 17, 2022

About the Episode: Bharat Bill Payment System is an integrated bill payment system in India offering interoperable and accessible bill payment service to customers through a network of agents of the registered members as Agent Institutions, enabling multiple payment modes, and providing instant confirmation of payment. Join Rahul Tandon as he shares how this brings one-touch billing to life with host, Sanjay Jain. About the Guest: Rahul Tandon is currently working as Head Product, Market Development and Compliance at NPCI Bharat Bill Pay Limited. He has three decades of experience. Two-decade-old development banker; worked in domains of credit, policy, IT, and inspections. Pioneer in the field of digital payments helped establish financial inclusion and merchant acquisition for a payments company. Serial entrepreneur and established businesses related to QR code, biometrics and business applications. Was part of the founding team that planned, wrote the guidelines and designed the product for BBPS.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn


About Bharat Inclusion Initiative

The Bharat Inclusion Initiative (BII) is an effort towards bringing the benefits of technological progress to underserved populations. Led by CIIE.CO, the initiative is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, J.P. Morgan, MetLife Foundation, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Omidyar Network.

The Initiative focuses on incubating and backing startups that work in areas such as financial inclusion, livelihood, skilling, and health. For ambitious entrepreneurs working on problems of the Bharat market, the Bharat Inclusion Initiative provides domain knowledge, training, financial support, mentorship and market access they need to bring inclusive, for-profit businesses to life. 


About the Host

Sanjay is the Chief Innovation Officer at CIIE.CO, where he leads efforts to help create, promote, and encourage entrepreneurship in areas around digital technology.  He leads efforts at the Bharat Inclusion Initiative, and the Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund to bring more people into the formal economy, and workforce in India.

Sanjay is also a partner at the Bharat Innovation Fund, which invests in early-stage companies that use Intellectual Property as a business differentiator.

During his career, Sanjay has been responsible for the development of many large scale, high impact systems. He worked with NPCI to define the Unified Payment Interface.  UPI has grown to be one of the largest digital payment systems in India and the world.  He was the Chief Product Manager at the UIDAI, where he led the product development efforts from its early days till well after the launch. The UIDAI has issued over a billion numbers to Indian residents, and supports a Billion authentication requests a month.  He was also the Product Manager responsible for the creation and launch of Google Map Maker - a crowd-sourced mapping product that is responsible for Google Maps data for 170+ countries (including India).

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