Build For Bharat

Build For Bharat features bite-sized discussions with the Makers who are building India’s inclusive, digital future. The podcast is a part of the Bharat Inclusion Initiative from CIIE.CO, where we support entrepreneurs who are Building for Bharat with inclusive products.

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Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

About the Episode: Fostering innovation in the financial sector has always been interlinked with regulation. Last year, RBI set up an independent not for profit company with an independent board - the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH) - to act in the interests of the ecosystem and working with all stakeholders, be it academia, FinTech or industry.Join RBIH's CEO Mr. Rajesh Bansal with host Sanjay Jain as they discuss RBIH's vision of frictionless finance for a billion Indians. About the Guest: Mr. Rajesh Bansal is the CEO of Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH). A highly regarded thought leader, he has nearly three decades of global experience in digital financial services and digital infrastructure across Asian and African markets. Mr. Bansal is one of the key architects of India’s journey from a cash to cash-lite economy by actively promoting policies, strengthening institutions, governance framework, and designing new products and solutions for scale and adoption. He was a member of the founding team of Aadhaar and specifically led the design of India’s Direct Benefits Transfer system which is benefiting hundreds of millions of low-income clients. He played a key role in creating India Stack, a digital ID-based infrastructure for a presence less and cashless service delivery platform, and has been a member of several committees of Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Prior to joining RBIH, he was a senior adviser at Carnegie India, where he led the centre’s Technology and Society programme. Mr. Bansal has previously served the RBI in various capacities, including in areas of technology, payment systems, and financial inclusion. Mr. Bansal holds a Master’s degree from Duke University in International Development Policy, USA and has authored a number of articles and opinion pieces in leading publications. Today he commands the magnanimous position of being one of the Top 30 Indian fintech influencers in 2022 and has been a recipient of the prestigious Golden Jubilee scholarship scheme of the RBI.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn

Saturday Sep 10, 2022

About the Episode: We are not able to reach out to the bottom of the pyramid because it's not economically viable to do so. However, with India Stack, technology can enable greater access. Join Hrushikesh Mehta as he chats with Sanjay Jain on one such piece of the India Stack - Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN). About the Guest: Hrushikesh Mehta is a Fellow at iSPIRT and Chief Evangelist, CredAll. He is responsible for driving the awareness and adoption of standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that facilitate digital lending. The APIs are called the Open Credit Enablement Network or OCEN. There are many lending processes that have not been uniformly automated. OCEN's APIs standardize these so that ecosystem players like loan service providers (LSPs) and lenders can work together to create all-digital lending flows over the life cycle of the loan without needing custom integrations. All-digital loans reduce the cost of acquisition and hence enable cash flow based lending (sachet sized finance) which was previously unviable when manual processes were involved. Prior to  this Hrushikesh was responsible for building all aspects of ClearScore’s online credit and insurance market place business in India. In a career spanning 20 years – a majority of which were spent at TransUnion CIBIL - Hrushikesh has held leadership positions across product development, sales, marketing, operations, credit risk and vendor management. Prior to TransUnion CIBIL, he has worked with Quantum Equity Advisors where he actively participated in the fund raising process, United Shippers Limited where he was responsible for high-profile client interactions, Citigroup Private Bank where he recommended investment strategies for high net worth individuals, and Osram Sylvania Inc, USA. He also had a previous tenure with CIBIL. Hrushikesh has a degree in Business Administration from Bryant University (USA) and a post-graduate degree in Management from Indian School of Business (Hyderabad).   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

About the Episode: BG Mahesh is passionate about building products to Bharat. He did this for two decades with Indian languages in digital media and is now co-founder at Sahamati, a collective of the Account Aggregator ecosystem. AAs give individuals greater control over their data and is a step towards financial inclusion in India.Join him with host Sanjay Jain on this episode of the build for bharat podcast to take a peek into Account Aggregators and the India Stack. About the Guest: BG Mahesh is the Cofounder and CEO of Sahamati. He did BE (Computer Science) from SJCE Mysore and MS (CS) from Univ of Alabama, Birmingham (US). Mahesh is the first one who built an internet portal for the Indian diaspora in the US ( As early as 2000, Mahesh focussed on Indian languages on the internet to reduce the digital divide.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn

Saturday Sep 03, 2022

About the Episode: Eko gives an opportunity to shop owners to turn into Banking & Financial institutions. Customers who do not have bank accounts and still want to transfer money using cash , pay their utility bills, have insurance and avail services you give. Join Abhishek Sinha with Sanjay jain on this episode of the Build for Bharat podcast as they discuss service networks that have arisen due to the collaborative efforts put in by Eko About the Guest: Abhishek is one of the Co founders of Eko and started Eko in 2007. Prior to Eko, Abhishek had cofounded 6d Technologies - a telecom software product company. Abhishek graduated as Bachelor of Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi. At Eko, he is a big proponent of open source and open platform which allows of collaboration with developers and product managers beyond Eko. He further champions video, voice and vernacular at Eko as he believes that this is key to acquire and democratically serve the next billion customers.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn

Tuesday Aug 30, 2022

About the Episode: Beckn is the base protocol layer that powers ONDC - which is in the news today.  While many have not heard of it, Sanjay spoke with Ravi Prakash, the Head of Architecture & Technology Ecosystem, and asked him to explain it in a simple way - as if the listener was 5 years old.  Listen in at Build for Bharat podcast and join the conversation. About the Guest: Ravi Prakash is currently working as the Head of Architecture and Technology Ecosystem at Beckn Foundation. Ravi is the genesis author of beckn protocol specification, current administrator of the core working group that maintains beckn protocol, and volunteer at Beckn Open Collective. He also work as a protocol advisor to projects like Open Network for Digital Commerce, the Kochi Open Mobility Network, and the Unified Health Interface. Ravi comes from a very hardware oriented background. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Embedded Systems from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus after obtaining his Bachelor's Degree Engineering from Anna University, Chennai.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn

Saturday Aug 27, 2022

About the Episode: This episode of Build for Bharat talks about enabling GIG workers to execute their technical last-mile services. Dheeraj Khatter, co-founder of MyMobiForce, addresses how there was no digital identity created for them, building a platform that connects businesses to the technicians. Join Sanjay Jain to learn how they are  removing middle men and bringing more opportunities. About the Guest:  Dheeraj Khatter is the Founder and CEO@MyMobiForce, an organized full-stack service marketplace that has helped over 100 enterprises & OEMs connect with a skilled technical workforce across India. He used to work with big multinational names like HCL, AT&T, T-MO, NEC, etc., in countries such as the USA, UK, & JAPAN, where he built his expertise in SALES, ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, and GROWTH STRATEGY, before starting on his serial entrepreneurship journey. When he is not busy building his ventures, he can be spotted strumming his guitar or taking long strolls at beaches.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn  

Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

About the Episode: This Build for Bharat podcast episode gives an insight into what led Ruchit Garg, Founder and CEO of Harvesting Farmer Network, build this platform that provides farmers with many fold larger market access and better price realization by online bidding. Join the host Sanjay Jain as he finds out how HFN leverages technology and utilises remote sensing data to help the farmers. About the Guest: Ruchit G Garg is the founder and CEO of Harvesting Farmer Network, an initiative focused on providing market linkages to smallholder farmers in India. Ruchit worked in the USA for over 11-years in companies like Microsoft and moved to India to work with smallholder farmers in India. HFN has connected farmers from 30 Indian states on the digital platform mobilizing over $500 million USD worth of crops in less than two years. Ruchit holds Masters in Computer Application and has received a “President Award” from the President of India late Shri S. D. Sharma for his services as ‘scout’. Ruchit is an advisor to technology startups and has spoken at several national & international conferences.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn    

Saturday Aug 20, 2022

About the Episode: In this episode of Build for Bharat podcast, co-founder of NowFloats Jasminder Singh Gulati in a conversation with Host Sanjay Jain, talks about how they are building a platform which simplifies the digital journey of every business in Bharat. Tune in to discover the challenges faced by NowFloats  as they Build for Bharat. About the Guest: Jasminder has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry spanning multiple responsibilities and geographies. Before incubating NowFloats, Jasminder was VP & Head of Global Delivery at CA Technologies, responsible for establishing and growing revenue from services and products. He joined CA Technologies from Microsoft Corporation, where in his 12 year tenure he held a number of roles spanning sales and marketing of products to professional services. In his last role at Microsoft, he was the Director - International Markets at Microsoft Global Services with responsibility of global delivery business across EMEA and Asia regions. Just before this, he helped incubate Microsoft Global Services as Director of Operations & Strategy. He has held other leadership positions at Microsoft India and Asia including Head of Enterprise Marketing for India and Business Manager for Asia Services. While at Microsoft, Jas has been the recipient of multiple global recognitions including from the Chairman/CEO of the company. Jasminder started his career at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) where he spent over 3 years on building India’s first global software product for the financial services industry. Jasminder holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Computer Science from University of Bombay with majors in Artificial Intelligence. Jasminder is an active investor and mentor to startups, and works very closely with the Govt of India. He is passionate about simplifying technology and is loves books, heritage and all things vintage.   To share feedback or engage with us, write to us at Subscribe to never miss an episode: Apple Podcast | Google Podcast | Spotify | Amazon Music | Gaana | JioSaavn    


About Bharat Inclusion Initiative

The Bharat Inclusion Initiative (BII) is an effort towards bringing the benefits of technological progress to underserved populations. Led by CIIE.CO, the initiative is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, J.P. Morgan, MetLife Foundation, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Omidyar Network.

The Initiative focuses on incubating and backing startups that work in areas such as financial inclusion, livelihood, skilling, and health. For ambitious entrepreneurs working on problems of the Bharat market, the Bharat Inclusion Initiative provides domain knowledge, training, financial support, mentorship and market access they need to bring inclusive, for-profit businesses to life. 


About the Host

Sanjay is the Chief Innovation Officer at CIIE.CO, where he leads efforts to help create, promote, and encourage entrepreneurship in areas around digital technology.  He leads efforts at the Bharat Inclusion Initiative, and the Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund to bring more people into the formal economy, and workforce in India.

Sanjay is also a partner at the Bharat Innovation Fund, which invests in early-stage companies that use Intellectual Property as a business differentiator.

During his career, Sanjay has been responsible for the development of many large scale, high impact systems. He worked with NPCI to define the Unified Payment Interface.  UPI has grown to be one of the largest digital payment systems in India and the world.  He was the Chief Product Manager at the UIDAI, where he led the product development efforts from its early days till well after the launch. The UIDAI has issued over a billion numbers to Indian residents, and supports a Billion authentication requests a month.  He was also the Product Manager responsible for the creation and launch of Google Map Maker - a crowd-sourced mapping product that is responsible for Google Maps data for 170+ countries (including India).

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